Toast Media Group

Media for
Gen Z on
their terms,
on their turf.


Toast Media Group is a network of subscription-based shopping recommendation experiences for niche
Gen Z consumers . 



Gen Z is trying to find products they connect with on retailer sites that are difficult to navigate or publisher sites that aren’t explicitly for them, so they’re turning to influencers for inconsistent recommendations. Toast Media Group gives Gen Z a consistent and exclusive online shopping experience that’s explicitly for them by curating and distributing content to niche audiences through their community’s influencers. TMG is the exclusive comtent (commerce content) publisher Gen Z needs.

A  new distribution model

Millennial strategies won't work with Gen Z, that's why we've developed a Gen Z distribution model that is built on authenticity and trust. 

an audience-first approach

At TMG, we verticalize by audience rather than topic. The internet is a stadium and our target users are front row ticket holders. 

Content that goes deep

At TMG, we’re not creating “shopable content,” we’re creating Gen Z “comtent" --  an exact audience fit built for depth and optimized for scale. 

reaching audiences faster

We market via the people who move audiences rather than the platforms that house them -- a model that puts TMG comtent in front of the right audiences, faster.


“Gen Z is verticalizing themselves. If we want to speak with them authentically, we have to do the same.”

Kiki von glinow|  Co-Founder


Why Gen Z?

Despite being bombarded with push notifications, alerts and DMs, Gen Z has become a compassionate, highly efficient, no bullshit generation. Through their own behavior, they’ve told us how they want to be communicated with but media has yet to rise to the challenge. We want to help a new generation make sense of the world in their community and on their terms. We want to put audiences back in the driver's seat and we believe that starts with commerce and shopping experiences and expands to all niche audience needs.


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