Toast Media Group

Who We Are

Who We Are

Toast Media Group is a digital growth consultancy based in Brooklyn led by a team with nearly 20 years of experience working for some of the biggest digital publishers in the world. We specialize in working with media companies and startups to grow the right audiences. We also work with small businesses and individuals looking to take their brands to the next level via social media and digital marketing.

We don't believe in growth for growth's sake. We enable our clients to build foundations that will give them longevity in a modern digital world. We pride ourselves in honesty and action with our clients and custom-tailor every solution to their unique business needs.


Kiki Von Glinow


Kiki has been at the intersection of editorial and data for almost a decade. She was the Head of Growth & Analytics at HuffPost where she created the publisher's inaugural audience development team, launched a cross-company experimental Labs team and led Gen Z research and acquisition efforts. Kiki believes that an audience-first strategy for any business is a winning strategy and gives clients the tools to discover who their strategic audience is and how to reach them.


Dean Praetorius


Dean has been connecting media and technology to grow audiences for the better part of a decade. Specializing in connecting content and product, Dean has lead teams to sustainable growth through SEO, social platform optimization and data-driven content production. His previous experiences include the Huffington Post, VaynerMedia and Discovery and has worked with clients such as Medium, XO Group and Dow Jones.


The Team

Our team includes professionals from across the media and marketing world. We work with a wide array of talent to ensure a strong foothold in the worlds or marketing, social media management, PR, content production and design. We connect the right team members with the right projects widening our ability to fully cover any project.